A Many-Splendored Tree

From only two months ago but it seems much longer than that.


177 thoughts on “A Many-Splendored Tree

  1. and how do you get so many comments?? and are you able to comment back to each and everyone? sorry I am just wondering because I feel I am taking neat shots and only get a few comments and I am commenting like crazy on others posts…Let me know if you wish. Like my tulip shot, a perfect capture with little response.

    • I just read your comment – it sometimes takes quite a long time to get this many commenters.
      I often experienced that people that get a lot of comments don’t come to your site, Kala is a great exception 🙂
      I am often glad that I don’t have this many, it already takes me a long time to get back to the few I have 😀

  2. In junior high choir we used to sing a song – “I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree.” It was based on the poem by Joyce Kilmer.
    Your photo of this tree is poetry as well! So very lovely.

  3. That is one splendid tree and photograph Kala. You don’t always see trees with low branches like this ~ they get limbed up so often. It’s as if the lower branches want to touch the water. Just gorgeous. I can’t believe only two months ago either? One week of winter for me tho and I feel as if I’ve been stuck in it forever!

  4. Can’t judge on the time frame, to me it seems like a Lifetime ago that I saw any decent tree, let alone one that changes colours,… 🙂
    Aside that, you did again one of your fairytale photos. Gorgeous!

  5. my! i’d like to clothe myself in these gorgeous colors! nature knows how to groom itself, but you have a way of dressing it up 😉

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