Fade to Blue

I love love love magnolia blossoms.


195 thoughts on “Fade to Blue

  1. Oops, typo…

    Iโ€™m going to be a contrarian on this one; the pale tones make me a little sadโ€ฆ I definitely prefer the colorful ones you usually share here ;-(

  2. This looks a bit like a Star Magnolia to me… before I retired… I would walk by one at work every day… when I would see the buds begin to open… I KNEW spring and warmer weather was around the corner! Love your treatment of this one… composition and color tones are just beautiful!

  3. really nice, I like the blue tones. I with shoot B&W, and occassionally sepia, however I haven’t played with color. After seeing this I might have to.

  4. Magnolia blossoms are some of my favorites too. Love the smell.
    I love the treatment with the blue here.
    That would make a lovely wedding or birthday card ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I think that your light touch has made a beautiful painting once again Kala….with all of the comments i don’t know how you keep up with it and still have time to post new ones……or to visit other sites:D
    BTW thanks for your visit today…..peter:)

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