A Perfect Day, Elise



156 thoughts on “A Perfect Day, Elise

  1. Poetic, I think. It seems the two weeping willows are bowing to one another in a greeting, like old friends. Much like a poem, there’s a scenario to interpret, with the imagination at play. Beautiful photography!

  2. Soft and dreamlike – the wind will softly part the willows and I’ll be drawn in to the beautiful scene on the other side. Perhaps a unicorn will drink from the water. 🙂
    Love it Kala!

  3. The Weeping Willow over water is one of the most lovely things in nature Kala….two of them are a bonus:D…i like your treatment…..it makes it even softer…..i like it….peter:)

  4. I absolutely love the willow trees. Not because of anything glamorous but only because they have an elegant and graceful flow. This is something hard to express but so surprised to see that you captured all the elegance and grace I love in a single image. This is my new favorite image! I will always remember your image as I bike ride past my lovely willow trees this coming Spring and stop to enjoy the view. 🙂

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