The sky was furious last night.

Very angry indeed!


178 thoughts on “The sky was furious last night.

  1. My hubby jumped in immediately, noting that they brought to mind the trees that came alive in the classic “Lord of the Rings” he is re-reading for the umpteenth time 😉

  2. This is so visually poetic..elegant…haunting-beauty yet also peaceful and a calming presence! GOr-geous!!
    My kind of scene!
    Rock on Kala…i think it’d be fun going photo hunting with you.

  3. Very striking, spooky image with the background colors and the silhouette of the tree limbs. I would walk the other way but in this case, choice to stare at the beauty of your awesome capture!

  4. The grasping and tangled tree limbs and the acidic sky seem to describe nature at her threatening worst. I know we have all seen it, and then we realize how small we really are. This photo has a real atmosphere to it. Nice work, Kala!

  5. The sky may have been furious but I love the golden glow! (and it doesn’t at all surprise me that you are still learning Elements… wish me luck… I’ve decided to learn Photoshop on top of Lightroom!)

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