Red sky at night.

100mm 2.8 macro shot wide open



228 thoughts on “Red sky at night.

  1. Oh, this is so beautiful, it warms me up in this cold (still) winter day.
    I was just thinking of you when I found your comment in the spam folder. These stupid forms……..!

  2. Hi, Kala!
    I’m new to your photoblog and I really enjoy your photos. They’re very beautiful and stunning. Great work. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. WOW – do I say things like “amazing” and “stunning” and “breathtaking” each time I comment? Well – I have to repeat it on this one too. WOW – amazing ,stunning, breathtaking! Your images inspire!

  4. WOW Kala….you have opened your lens wide and captured fire in the sky….so well framed by the tree to add the great DOF….peter:)

    With 89 comments i have to page up and down forever so that i can take another look before finishing my comment….but it is worth the time for just viewing your art:D

  5. Ooh…Kala…this is very atmospheric and stunning…gorgeous gorgeous…what a powerful scene to capture!! Shine on my talented friend!
    Happy Wkd ahead!

  6. Wow! This an awesome welcome back from Kala! The colors are so daring and bold that it makes one think of summertime. What energy! Excellent shot!

  7. Kala, regardless of when you took this photo, it makes me feel the blazing heat at the end of a summer’s day. I love the way the sun is framed by the branches of the tree, too. Very cinematic! Great job!

  8. kala… this is beautiful and i love that you put your settings. i’ve started a manual mode link-up party and it’s WAY tiny right now, but i would love if you would join us. it’s on wednesdays at my blog. i just ask that you include your settings as we (i!) try to gain mastery over manual.
    thanks for visiting my blog today!

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