We could all use a bit of it in our lives, yes? Best Viewed Large


154 thoughts on “Tranquility

  1. As I listened to the howling wind, and pounding rain outside. Wish I can just close my eyes, click on my heels, and be transported to this beautiful, sunny, tranquil place.

  2. This looks like the Shoin Building at the Chicago Botanic Gardens with the Zigzag Bridge in the distance. Definitely a place of tranquility in the Japanese Gardens. Great colors that you’ve captured here; particularly off the pond.

  3. Thank you Kala…..i need a bit of tranquility tonight…..
    we were at our twin Grandchildren’s 6th birthday party at the arena for a skating party with all of their classmates….it was a lot of fun but i find this post is very relaxing:D…thank you again…peter:)

  4. I really like your shots that are themed like this. Tranquil, serene, peaceful, restful, relaxing. They make it more wonderful to visit your blog at the end of a long day.

  5. Amazing capture and the color tones fit just perfect to it. Reminds me of a scene I’ve seen in a movie from 1999: What Dreams May Come True.

  6. This photo is the essence of tranquility Kala….great treatment….i could stare at it for hours on end and just dream the day away…..peter:)

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