Spring Awaits

This image is from early April of last year. So yes, awaiting.

L on B


216 thoughts on “Spring Awaits

  1. Beautiful close-up Kala…. i love the the colour and DOF….it is nice to know that spring is on its way….it will take a little longer to arrive at our place….peter:)

  2. My puppy today broke off a hyacinth in my garden, so I put it on my desk to enjoy its perfume. When I opened your blog I said to myself “wow..I can almost smell that flower”…..:-)

  3. Itยดs a gorgeous flower and photo. Itยดs fun to see the differences. For me and all other swedes the hyacinth is a christmas flower. We donยดt think spring when we see it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Thank you for the comment. Hyacinths are beautiful flowers, I like them. A typical Christmas plant in Sweden homes. I myself had several during the holidays.
    Now when I can feel the spring in the air we are waiting for other flowers. Indoors we have a lot of Tulips.

  5. Hi Kala
    i remember looking at these beautiful blue flowers that you photographed last spring but by the time that i page down through more than 200 comments i forget what i was going to say ….Duhh
    other than your art in pictures is the reason why you receive so many great comments ……:-)
    Have a great Sunday….peter:)

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