192 thoughts on “Fleur

  1. Oh, I love to see your amazing images again – I’m back again from 10 weeks of travel and adventure. And I started to resume my home activities, including visiting my favorite blogs!
    (And – of course – organising and choosing some pictures from “Down under” for my own blog;-) )
    It was hot down under – and your image here gives me a little warmth here in the cold Danish spring!

  2. Hi Kala….i love Fleur…..as usual soft as a cloud…..it has been a while since may last visit sorry about that.
    Your Magnolias are superb and your dream of leaves are just that…. a captured dream….
    I love them all….peter:)

  3. THIS is the definition of summer Kala.
    So absolutely magnificent!!
    Everything about this is perfection to me.
    I hope your weekend is as beautiful as this photograph.

  4. Hey Kala,
    This is one of your best…very subdued and understated but extremely artistic.

    I’d love to find such a piece of art in our fine arts museum here in Houston. It’s much better than most of them in our photography collection IMHO. Really!

    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  5. I’m SO FAR behind visiting that I’m going to cheat a bit and comment on this and the previous (green leaves) here… I love the patterns and simplicity of the leaves… and this Coreopsis composition is just magnificent… so glowing and warm! (thanks for your condolences and continuing to stop by my blog)

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