This purple night is ours to share.

100mm 2.8 macro shot wide open

Please view large on black


229 thoughts on “This purple night is ours to share.

    • Thanks! I do most of my processing in Adobe Camera Raw and then finish in PSE. There is no set structure to my editing process. Also? I don’t know how to do layers.

  1. Kala, that’s an absolutely amazing shot! The colours and the silhouette of the tree are fantastic. And I love the glimmer of the starts, I haven’t seen them in such a long time. Here in the city you can hardly make out a handful of stars… Breathtaking work!!

  2. Beautiful, Kala. The soft, dappled stars in the background really make this photo. Looks like something out of an animated movie like Lady and the Tramp or something! Very nice!

  3. You have turned the moonlight night purple….good for you….we should have a bit more diversity in this world…. i really like it and the framing with the tree is the catcher… long was your exposure Kala….and i have got to get me one of those lenses:-)

  4. Truly a wonderful composition that combines the violet colors, the reaching branches of the tree and the heavenly bodies into a stunning image. Wow! Love it!!

  5. One word = love. The glittering of night stars, the deep purple (my favorite color), and the sharp silhouette all bound together is just extraordinary.

  6. Wow, this is such a beautiful image Kala. I am reminded of Chinese landscape paintings that often accompany poetry. This rendition is indeed poetry in pixels! I love the purple color palette!

  7. so beautiful….

    i would love for you to join us at my space on weds for a manual mode link-up… your images are beautiful and we could all learn from your art!!


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