April in Spring

This is the first photo I’m posting from 2011 spring. It’s finally arrived, albeit quite late.

100mm macro shot at f/4.5


177 thoughts on “April in Spring

  1. Hi Kala! Congrats! This shot is spectacular! I love it- especially the contrast of the green and pink. Great first shot! I´m looking forward to seeing the next ones;)) have a relaxing weekend

  2. The lavenders and greens that you have created in this image are so evocative of spring. Glad Spring has arrived there for you, especially if it means we’ll see more beauties like this. Superb.

  3. Hurrah for Spring! However long you wait it’s always worth it!
    I love your moon in a purple sky – quite beautiful.
    (Glad to hear you like Laura – I’ve known her family for many years and I’ve known Laura since she was a babe in arms.)

  4. The lavender blossoms really “pop” in this composition! I love this early Spring capture as the colors are starting to “grow” on the trees, yet the branches remain mostly exposed. We’re still waiting for Spring here. The daffodils are blossoming and wondering where everyone else is.

  5. WOW Kala….i am very happy for you that Spring has arrived and given you this beautiful place to capture the blossoms and the reflecting pond…..i like….i like it a lot…..peter:)

    BTW….we still have a foot of snow up here in Moonbeam….but there is still hope.:-)

  6. Absolutely beautiful. Hard to believe the Spring weather this year. Temps near 90, lawn mowing and the next day Spring-time snow! Great to see such a beautiful capture of colors!!

  7. This is absolutely magnificent Kala!
    Hopefully we will have the same her in another few weeks. Fingers crossed!
    Your work is always so very beautiful!

  8. Spring is here too… and I have SO MANY images to sort through that I have no clue where to start! This is a lovely spring scene… gorgeous colors and composition… makes me want to step into the scene and enjoy the beauty myself!

  9. It’s so beautiful to have purple leaves amongst the green. We have beautiful sceneries here but really nothing like that. I’m glad you have captured it well and shared.

    Thanks to the reply to my question in your previous post about photography. I’m too far behind and may not understand yet. Someday…

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