The Curve

PLEASE View on Black!


173 thoughts on “The Curve

  1. Beautiful! When I clicked ‘View on Black’ I saw the same image but larger, the same color. Is that correct?

    Kala, I want you to know that I appreciate your coming by and leaving words of encouragement.

  2. I really like your photos. At first I looked at them and said to myself “The highlights are all blown out”, but it actually makes them quite unique. Once I got past this, they are quite beautiful. I think the only reason I even notice it, is because its something I wouldn’t of even considered doing. maybe I should.

  3. Oh wow… just when I think I’ve seen ‘the best; of your graceful images… along comes another one! 🙂 Have you ever played with making a ‘patchwork quilt’ collage using several of these lovely images? Each stands alone so beautifully… so I just found myself wondering about how amazing it would be to see several together.

  4. Very nice!
    The long text in my blog wanted to say, that the german bloggers has to be there for each other. There are no critics, no true words, they visits each other to get more visitors on they own blogs. I think it is ok, if you do not comment on every picture with “i like it”. This is very boring. And if you can´t find enough time to visit all other and comment every day, they will forget you:-|

    Nice weekend to you:-)

      • 🙂 sorry, i´m a bit late…
        so, the people all are thinking the same about this problem… hm. why no change?

        what do you think about osama b. laden?

  5. Pure luminescence! It’s interesting how the branch on the right guides the eye upward, but the curved branch catches the attention and pulls attention right to the flower at the end of its branch–and it keeps you captive there! Nice job, Kala!

  6. Wow. Its been a long time since I last visited your website and I did really missed a lot of fun here! Will have to take time backreading your previous post! 🙂

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