A funny thing happened on the way to the Internet

My computer crashed, burned, and went up in smoke this weekend. Lucky for me I have the best future husband a gal can ask for and all my photos have been backed up, so I didn’t lose any of my babies. Oh, and I am typing from my fiance’s computer which by the way has Photoshop CS which I’ve not used before. And? This photo was edited using it. Not bad for a first try.


225 thoughts on “A funny thing happened on the way to the Internet

  1. I feel as though I am walking into a dream a wonderful dream when I look at your photo.
    Future husband who backs up photos, I am so happy for you.

  2. Bad news, good news! So sorry to hear about something we all dread–the death of our computer–but so glad for a fiance who backed you up and gave you something new to play with! BRAVO!

  3. Mine – and all of our – worst nightmares! So glad your finace’ had the foresight to back everything up!! And – what a lovely spring image. Gorgeous processing!!!

  4. beautiful! and i see sunshine sunshine sunshine!! :))

    {sorry about your computer… good excuse for a new one??-so glad you were backed up… good lesson for us all!}


  5. Wow … what a beautiful image! It’s well done for a first try with Photoshop CS!

    I’m glad you didn’t loose anything. I always take a backup of my files … because, you’ll never know!


  6. Wow! I’m glad you had a good backup of all your photos…I back mine up online on a remote server just in case I lose my computer all together.

    Lovely image though, the lines from the hand rail lead your eyes all around the photo, nice perspective.

  7. I agree with one of the other commenters here, it is like walking into a dream looking at this photo, such a soft focus and yet it works perfectly. Your photos really are very dreamy, you have a very unique style, even when using borrowed equipment 🙂

  8. Oh no! That’s terrible! Thankfully you had the important stuff backed up. Also, an excellent first effort with a new software package!

  9. I´m happy that your photos were backed up! And a great first try with the new program;) Have a good week-even without your old computer;)

  10. glad your photos were saved (i actually have all my digital photos archived on 3 different hard disks + on dvd)

    looks great anyway

  11. This is so gorgeous… I love the wrought iron! I too, would like to know what you usually use instead of Photoshop…

    • Thank you. I have used Elements to resize images, but that’s about the extent of my use.
      Edit in Adobe Camera Raw, close in PSE, and final touches in Picasa.

  12. Great perspective that you’ve captured of the very ornate railings. I love how the newels appear closely-spaced with each other. I guess this is the right time to buy that new computer “you always wanted.” 😉

  13. Lovely composition and processing. Your work is fantastic anyway, without photoshop.
    Sorry about your system and I have the same question as Barb.

  14. so glad you backed up your files. i am in the process of organizing mine and it’s quite an undertaking. such a beautiful picture. nice to hear you like that Photoshop CS. another thing i need to do is get photoshop. love your photo too!

  15. Oh, the things that take your breath way…like crashing computers…and good photography. I’m glad you had the backup!

    I like this photo, the depth of field and focus on the curve of the railing, the hint of color in the flowers, and that wonderful sunlight on the stairs. Very nice!

  16. Cool! I also use CS since 2 weeks. (try to use) It is very very very “many sided”…

    What about your computer? “back” again?

  17. I would say really good for a first time!
    Lucky you to have such a nice fiancé;o)
    Thanks for visiting my place and taking the time to comment;o)
    Have a nice and happy day¤

  18. This image is absolutely incredible.  I saw it yesterday morning for the first time.  Then I returned to take another look, or two, during the day.  This is a new Kala!  From macro images of flowers with an awesome DOF and bokeh, to surreal landscapes that appear to be watercolor paintings and now this!  This truly marks a new style that is fantastic!!

  19. Does he have a brother?!!! 😉 I’m glad you didn’t lose any of your beautiful “babies” Kala. This shot is wonderful. I love the architectural elements like the wrought iron railing. I think you could create a masterpiece no matter what program you use.

  20. That is to bad but at leaste you got all your shots back this happened to me with not such luck I lost alot of pictures..

    Love this one and great job editing.

    • Thank you. I have used Elements to resize images, but that’s about it.
      Edit in Adobe Camera Raw, close in PSE, and final touches in Picasa.

  21. How did you survive the fire? Mygoodness, sorry it happened, too much blogging eh? Just teasing. Mine blew up last October, and I am finally at peace with my new computer.

  22. Oh no, I’m so sorry about your computer, but glad you was able to save your pics! YaY!
    What photo editing program do you usually use? I’ve never used Photoshop, either, but my Paint Shop Pro is down & giving me problems again, now… frustrates me when things don’t work the way they’re suppose to! LoL! =)
    Beautiful 1st try w/ the new program!

    • Thank you. I have used Elements to resize images, but that’s about it.

      Edit in Adobe Camera Raw, close in PSE, and final touches in Picasa. 🙂

    • Thank you Ryan – it was done in CS3. I was using Elements before, but only to resize photos. Probably 80% of my editing is/was done in ACR.

  23. Hi Kala ….sorry that your pc crashed but pleased that your fiancé had a backup for you….you did well with the new Photoshop CS ….and by the way i love your flower pots….peter:)

  24. Kala, I am definitely the lucky one! I have you in my life along with all the beauty that You capture through your images which are truly works of art. Saving them from the failing hard drive (and smoke) was like rescuing the National Gallery of Art. Well worth the effort! Also, it’s nice to know that my old Photoshop CS3 software is finally used after all these years! Much Love! CR

  25. Definitely not bad for a first try. ;-P

    Congratulations to you and CR on your impending nuptials! Looks like a match made in heaven — a photographer meets someone who appreciates her work, backs it up and has PS CS3 available for her to use.

  26. Oh no, I’m so sorry your computer crashed! What a fortune that your wonderful fiance has everything backed up, I’m really glad about that! The good thing is that you got to use Photoshop and your result is magnificent. I look forward to more masterpieces developed in CS3.

  27. Lovely light and composition… your computer troubles remind me… I’m supposed to be backing up MY photos (and everything else) on this new 1.5 terabyte drive I bought! Better get to it.

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