1) I have uploaded over 1,000 new images onto the new hard drive since it was installed last Friday.
2) Yesterday we installed Photoshop CS5 on my machine because CS3 would not work in Windows 7 on my computer (I know it works for some people). So I’ve gone from using Elements to CS3 to CS5 in what, less than 2 weeks time?
3) I have a splitting headache and all I can see are imperfections.

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208 thoughts on “Imperfections

  1. Antoine-Jean-Baptiste-Marie-Roger de Saint-Exupéry said “nothing is perfect” in his book named “The little prince”.
    Your photo is very attractive.

  2. Hi Kala! Do we always need perfection? Sometimes imperfect things are more interesting;) Hope, you are well now and now enjoy a great weekend;)

  3. Aw 😦
    Hope your headache is gone by now! Go outside, sit in the shade, close your eyes and enjoy spring 🙂
    Lovely photo and not imperfect at all 😉
    And hey, I imported 86.000 photos on my new 1TB HD and then imported them into Lightroom. Talk about 2 days later,… 😉

  4. Wonderful, successful and amazing imperfections, I’m glad it isn’t perfect 😉 – no reason for headaches any more now, when you and your new hard drive with tools can produce art like this!

  5. I recently upgraded to Adobe Photoshop Elements from iPhoto and am absolutely loving how much more I can do, but I still have so much to learn.

    As you know I love flowers and tulips are a favorite of mine. I love the colors in this photo, the dreamy look which is your signature note whatever you are photographing, and your clever use of DOF with those three tulips to the right in perfect focus. Lovely shot.

    Have a wonderful weekend too, thanks for stopping by today.

  6. good luck with all the computer stuff. I’ll be moving to a new computer next week, so I hope that goes smoothly.

    such a lovely image of spring.

  7. congratulations on all you have accomplished with your computer. I do understand the splitting headache from that kind of work!

    Your photo is so lovely, I love the colors, they feel so good to look at.

  8. Gorgeous! Wonderful colors. I can only see perfection.

    I have Elements 8 since a couple of months, but have a lot to learn. CS is so expensive. Is there a big difference between the two programs? I have never taken photos in RAW. Have you worked with RAW in Elements?

    Have a nice weekend!

    • Thanks Mona.

      I always shoot in RAW and you can process these shots in Elements.

      There is quite a difference between Elements and CS in that CS is very powerful and can do so much. However, you can still do a lot in Elements as well.

  9. No imperfections, here. This image is drop dead gorgeous!

    Have a great weekend.


    P.S. Thanks for all the great comments at my site. I truly appreciate them. I’m going to add you to my blogroll. FYI.

  10. You’re hard on yourself… no imperfections that I can see, but I’m not a pro at like you are!!! =)

    Now go rest & get rid of that splitting headache… they’re YuCkY! =0

  11. This sure looks beautiful to me Kala!!
    Be sure to save some time for you this weekend, and I hope your headache is gone at this point.

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  12. I like the perspective of looking right into the garden from blossom height. The highlighting of the lower tulip pulls the photo together and the unifies the composition with the other flowers which hug the edges of the frame. The deep purples are lush!

  13. As I sit in my imperfect office, in an imperfect world, all I see is beauty! Please continue to post your imperfections! This is absolutely imperfection at it’s perfection! A masterpiece!

  14. Your photos are absolutely stunning.

    If they give you a head ache you should not stop by and look at mine. I find when I try to find perfection that I miss some of the totally unique and beautiful things God has created like one time when I tried to take photos of the river and miss the fallen branches but sitting on the branch was some really beautiful damsel flies.

  15. Så tråkigt med ditt datorhaveri. Använder Photoshop CS 4 men har inte lärt mig allt ännu. Nu skall det ju komma en CS 5,5 så man undrar hur det skall sluta. Bränner mina foton för varje månad och till dess ligger de också kvar i kameran. Ha de gott och tack för din kommentar. Anita

  16. That is a very beautiful image! When I started using CS5 for the first time I felt exactly the same. Getting to know the program is very fascinating but can be frustrating too because there are so many different options. Have fun getting to know CS5, I look forward to seeing your photos processed with it. I really love your work, you are very talented!

  17. With 83 comments to reply to Kala, I’m not surprised that you have a headache!

    If you get stuck on any Photoshop problems do a search in Youtube, the answer has normally been posted by some kind person…believe me after a few weeks you’ll wonder how you put up with Elements for so long!

    And a nice shot of the tulips…

  18. i made the jump from cs3 to cs5 about a year ago. i don’t think it would have helped you in any way to have made the transition with cs4 in-between. a change is a change. this image reminds me of something printed on a greeting card. lovely, just lovely.

  19. A lovely image… I too have CS5 and am SLOWLY (very slowly) learning to use it sometimes on a few of my images… I have so little patience for post-processing though!

    I just LOVE your images and have missed stopping by regularly over the past week or so… things have definitely interfered with my blogging/visiting! (thanks for your frequent comments on mine) 🙂

  20. Imperfections? All I see are fantastically beautiful photos! Amazing! I just use Photoscape and have no where near the depth and detail. Your photos have a whole different element than anything I have ever seen. Perhaps it is partially your camera too?

    I have a point and shoot, but still love to take photos. God is good and it is impossible to create anything more beautiful than He does. I am just trying to get close, and you sure have. 🙂

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