Crab Apple Orchard

I took my macro lens out earlier this week in search of blooming trees and this is what I found.

Best Here!!


214 thoughts on “Crab Apple Orchard

  1. Gorgeous (I can only repeat myself)!
    I so want to be there right now, just sit down there, or lay on my back, look at the trees and the sky and just smell the freshness of the blossoms!

  2. Beautiful effect. Darn, I have really not taken many photos of blooming trees, now I have to wait a whole year.

  3. Excellent composition! With the odd Spring season this year, so happy to see that you captured the cherry blossoms for us. I too wish that I could be sitting there to admire the view and the awesome colors! Excellent!

  4. What an incredible sight, so much blossom and such pretty colors. I like this photo, you made it a very interesting shot using the macro and the soft focus makes it look very dreamy.

  5. Beautiful colors and textures that you’ve captured here! I love the white sky and how it makes the frame of this photo look “open-ended” at the top.

  6. awesome spring vision… I’m yet to take photos of blooming anything this season :(.. this makes me want to grab my camera and take some photos.. too bad I’m work lol

  7. Really cool shot. True to your style as always, love it! I have a few shots I took a while back never knew what to do with might try something like this. πŸ™‚

  8. wow gorgeous as always….I’m preparing a small exhibition and I would love if you could vote for your favorite pictures on my blog, thank you for caring!

  9. Very impressionistic image. Refreshing in the digital world of sharper is better.

    Thanks for your visit and kind words.

  10. Just how do you expect to say something new after 86 comments….i love your blossoms…..and you have done your magic with that macro lens wide open:) πŸ™‚ :)….and if anyone else said the same thing:) that’s OK with me….peter:)

    • Minor – these trees are usually grown for ornamental purposes. The fruit can be used to make a preserve. These are not the same as apple trees.

  11. Sorry if I bore you with my comments, I feel like I’m writing the same comment over and over again πŸ˜‰ Beautiful colours – relly pleasing to my eyes πŸ™‚

  12. I’ve experimented a bit with ‘landscape’ shots using my macro lens and NONE of them approach the beauty of your images… this is truly lovely!

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