Warm Magnolia Nights

L on B


208 thoughts on “Warm Magnolia Nights

  1. So mellow, gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling… by the way, I could lend you my dogs, but they would totally ruin your peace and tranquility ;-P

  2. When the pic loaded & I saw that color, I was blown away, but then I saw the title & WoW… you couldn’t have titled it more appropriately! =)

  3. Beautiful, Kala. I like the way the blossoms stand out against the trunk and dark band at the bottom, then fade almost to nothing against the sky.

  4. The colors in your image is stunning. Very beautiful, just very beautiful. Perfect.
    Thank you for your nice comments and nice weekend to you,
    (tried the “post”, did not manage. Does not matter. I will be around anyway)

  5. Love this, Kala. It has such a dream-like quality to it. And after all the rain and clouds and grayness of spring, the light in this is wonderful.

  6. Stunning! The colors are awesome and truly makes everything pop! This is an incredible image with DOF and the pivot point of the center leaf. A lot going on in this image which makes it so interesting!!

  7. Une lumière superbe et un traitement très réussi. Le bokeh est génial. Les détails circulaires du centre de la photo attirent mon attention. C’est très beau. Bravo, Kala !

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