For Catherine de Barra

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232 thoughts on “For Catherine de Barra

  1. Being the first here to congratulate you to this photo feels good;) The mixture of colors fit together perfectly! Have a great day and enjoy it!

  2. “Non, je ne suis pas un grand peintre, grand poète. Je sais seulement que je fais ce que je peux pour exprimer ce que j’éprouve devant la nature.” Claude Monet

    Translation: “I am not a great painter, great poet. I just know that I do what I can to express what I feel in front of nature.”

    Kala, another awesome composition and expression of how you see nature around you!

  3. Love your images – you definitely have a distinctive style and a fabulous dreamy feel. I’m curious as to how much work do you do after capturing the image … a “how to post” might be in order!

    Brilliant as usual!

  4. I’ve missed some really great photos Kala. The one of the crab apples is just magnificent. But then all your photos are. 🙂
    The colors in this one are just wonderful.

  5. That was a long way down to get to the comment box Kala (what!!!88 responses is about what i get in a week:-) ) …..but i like it even more this afternoon LOL….peter:)

  6. Gorgeous as always!! I love spirited and inspiring..colorful and magical…lovely..your photos are like poetry..i know i always say it..but it is true!

  7. Beautiful colours! I missed so many of the Spring flowers this year because of the volume of rain we got. It made staying inside way too comforting.

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