All the soarings of my mind begin in the woods.

Right Here


214 thoughts on “All the soarings of my mind begin in the woods.

  1. I send you a email or to somebody!!! Yahoo said Kala_M@ is invalid so I tried Kala.M and it did go somewhere..did you get it?! Ou dear:)

  2. Again, so soft and dreamy! I love your use of colour – so beautiful! Thank you for your lovely comment on my lilacs – I take your comments very seriously – if you like it – it must be good! 🙂

  3. I just finished reading The Wise Man’s Fear and this image reminds me of Felurian’s forest. Actually, it mirrors exactly how I imagined them. A wooded glade forever in twilight.

    If you like fantasy novels, definitely pick up that series. The Name of the Wind is the first book.

    Excellent work Kala!

  4. You’ve made the forest look so beautiful and inviting.

    “I cannot imitate this style – it is too difficult for me!” 🙂

  5. Beautiful Image! Looks like an image from a movie. I absolutely love the green tones and sharp details all with a fine haze. Awesome capture!

  6. The tone you chose is great Kala! The reflection on the water adds a lot of depth to this photo. The leaves add fantastic contrast against the dark tree bark, well done

  7. Same here! I love the woods with all their green colors. When I’m there, I’m transported to magic land.
    What a beautiful dreamy image you’ve captured again!

  8. Love it!
    My minds dances between the simple enjoyment of this work or art, and trying to figure out the techniques involved in producing it. It’s beautiful, and interesting! 🙂

  9. What a wonderful photograph, I adore the soft pastel green tones of the forest and the lighting is just superb. It reminds me of a fairytale forest, brilliant work Kala!

  10. This is a photo that inspires images of sprites & fairies! It’s so magical. I have no idea how you do it time and time again Kala but you’re amazing.

  11. Lovely image Kala. I enjoy being alone in the woods. When there I walk slowly and softly, listening and looking about.

  12. I discovered your site through a link from one of your comments on another blog. I’m really glad I found it.
    It’s how nature photography should be.. beautiful, artistic and expertly composed.

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