Under the tree with poppies and thee.

View Here!


209 thoughts on “Under the tree with poppies and thee.

  1. Fantastic poppies Kala….but i like the purple haze (also a great song) at the base of the tree and the feeling of a Monet in the background….well done my flower girl:)….peter:)

  2. Beautiful composition! What colors! The detail in the poppies’ stems are fantastic. The tree provides a great touch of balance. Excellent!

  3. This picture is sooooo beautiful. I love it.
    I would like to see you in Picstory with your beautiful pictures all over. This week is lilac, next week are flowers the theme in Picstory. Please have a look on it, if you like.
    Now enjoy the weekend! 🙂 LG Tina

  4. I had a great display until the winds came, now it’s just california poppy foliage and now I’m california dreamin’.

    Good to see yours looking so beautiful.

  5. A gorgeous photo. Vibrant colors! Great depth of field and the slightly diagonal composition of the flowers works so well. Just an all around “neat” photo.

  6. I love poppies and this is one of my favourite pictures of those beautiful and dainty flowers. The blue tones in the shades really bring out the vibrant colours even more. Marvellous.

  7. Kala, this might be my favorite photo of yours and I love all of them I have seen. Poppies are so colorful and this picture really shows it off. I really love the focus too.

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