Two of Hearts


248 thoughts on “Two of Hearts

  1. I LOVE this shot. My grandmother had these growing in her backyard at one point. She never even planted them. I used to go out there and pick one and bring it to her as a “gift”. Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way. I love hearing from fellow photographers. : )

  2. Yay..Kala…everytihng you create is pure these sweet pink bleeding enchanting and poetic…………..and also… LOVE the post below with the as always! I think you’d be fun to photo-walk and explore with..I think we’ find lots to photograph haha!
    Have a happy day friend!

  3. Simplicity equals BEAUTY in this shot. It is awesome. I have never seen these, but would really love one. My husband are going to go to a greenhouse to see what we can find. Thanks for the beautiful photo and for getting me out of the house with my camera….with my hubby. Too nice. Can’t wait. Genie

  4. A sweet and sentimental photo that is so nicely done. The forms and colors of nature are so amazing sometimes. I really like the way you have melted the background greens together.

  5. I just had to write you back and tell you we drove 50 miles to the greenhouses and my husband bought me my Bleeding Heart. The little leaves are yellow so guess it is a vit of a different variety from yours. I am so happy. I just fell in love with your post and flower. Genie

  6. I love this Kala!!!….the entire composition is perfect….:).
    When i was around nineteen i wrote a song for Penny called “Straight From The Heart” and the first line that started with the words “Two hearts”….:)
    Thanks….you sure brought back some happy memories with your heats:)
    I wrote the song on my trumpet so it was hard to play and sing at the same time lol….peter:)

  7. I love this flower. It’s called “löjtnantshjärta” in Swedish. I don’t know why because it means the heart of the lieutenant, but the flower reminds me of the film “An Officer and a Gentleman” with Richard Gere.

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