Through the arbor.



206 thoughts on “Through the arbor.

  1. So beautiful and romantic!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Have a nice and happy week****

    ps: from Lorraine, my best regards to you Mum;o)

  2. Oh so very pretty – I have said it before but will say it again, you have such a very unique style. The soft focus makes you want to walk through the arbor and see what lies beyond.

  3. Kala, I think this is one of your very best!
    The light and framing in this are amazing.
    Truly breathtaking.
    Have a wonderful day my friend!

  4. Tänker på Monet när jag tittar på fotot. Härligt ljus i bilden. Tittade på ett TV program i kväll som handlade om en tavla av Monet om den var äkta eller falsk. Mycket intressant. Anita

  5. It´s like walking into a painting. Beautiful, like always, Kala. 🙂
    I want to thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments every time. And that you´re taking the time to translate it from swedish. Thank´s! 🙂

  6. I always love photos that have some entryway, a gate, or secret door with just the hint of the beauty that waits on the other side. This one is certainly no exception. It’s beautiful!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! Another painting by the master! I’d better find a house with plenty of wall space because this (and many of your other images) will have a place to brighten up our days and warm our hearts! Excellent composition!

  8. Hello at last Kala….i have had problems with my own site:(… is nice to get back:)

    This is another one of your magic spells….soft with such great depth perception…. sorry that i have not been visiting you lately…. ….peter:)

  9. Beautiful work Kala!
    I like how you brought the forground in focus and let our imagination fill the background.
    So romantic, an arch of flowers leading to a mysterious light at the end of the path.

  10. Warning: If you enter through this gate you will enter fairytale land and be on your own devices.

    You always make me think of the little folk with your photos 🙂

  11. I really appreciate how regularly you have dropped by my blog… I am SO FAR behind catching up with folks… this image is lovely and very reminiscent of an impressionist painting (my favorite school of art)!

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