Heading home.

On Black


237 thoughts on “Heading home.

  1. Your Best Photo! The composition shows a level of maturity that few can achieve. The integration of moving subjects as a background effect is awesome! Five Stars!

  2. Hi Kala,
    What is intriguing about all your photos, including this one, is what you focus on, and what you leave unfocused. The one fence post is clear in this, and everything else is left, in some degree, to the viewer’s imagination. It brings the viewer actively into your work.

  3. Very nice! Absolutely love your choice for DOF here… to my eye… the composition is perfect! (a longer visit will have to wait… am quite far behind after being away for 2-1/2 weeks but I finally posted my Lingonberry to Macro Monday today! … appreciated your dropping by to leave a comment on it while I was away in the land of unreliable or no internet access)

  4. I don’t know why… but i love this picture. the pink mixed in with the greys, browns, & yellows… its beautiful! New follower from MacroMonday!

  5. I always look forward to what you are going to post next! Your images are always so unique and so artistic! I LOVE this…I love how you stopped time, just for a moment! Awesome depth and tones!

  6. everything I love in photography is present in this picture .. softness, tones, the blurring on the back: really beautiful .. ;-))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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