Hollyhock Fence

This fence seems to go on forever doesn’t it? And it seems like forever since I’ve had a vacation so A Matter Of How You See It will now be going on holiday. See you again at the end of July.


204 thoughts on “Hollyhock Fence

  1. This has been a really nice series of photos Kala. I think I like this one best because of the hollyhock. You know anything with flowers wins hands down in my book!!
    Enjoy your well deserved break too. I’m feeling I may need one soon!

  2. I just came back from 2 lovely weeks (except the weather!) along the Westcoast of Jutland (bringing my camera 🙂 ). This fine photo is a great way to start your holiday – I wish you a lovely holiday!

  3. Amazing shot! The perspective is fabolous. The fence really seems to go on forever end ever. I love the way the fence fades out in the picture. Hope your enjoy your vacation!

  4. Beautiful image and composition as always! This series has produced many fantastic images that really showcase your talents! As for the holiday, it was the best! Seeing you conquer 130 miles of back country mountain trails was incredible. You are a superwoman in so many endeavors! Love, CR

  5. Hi Kala i hope that you had a great vacation…..i have missed your posts and your visits…. i am heading on a 2,000 kl road trip for a week to Canada’s Wonderland and then up to Georgian Bay with our two sons their wives and of course our four grandchildren…..it will be a blast if i live though it:)….. i will still be able to check my site from time to time….when i am not passed out from exhaustion keeping up with four little speedsters:) …..drop me a line so i know that you are back….see you soon…..peter:)

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