Las bicicletas son para el verano

Last week I came back from a hiking trip in the mountains where we covered 130 miles in 9 days. I had two days to rest before heading out for a 3 day camping adventure which included 55 miles of bicycling in very hot temperatures.

L on B

How’s your summer going?


128 thoughts on “Las bicicletas son para el verano

  1. Cool! Lost weight?:-) I hope, you had a beautiful time:-) Weĺl go in September to Austria, also Hiking, Biking… Lokking forward for this, also need a break:-)

  2. What a lovely glowing photo.I hope it was nice and cool up in the mountains Kala. Sounds like you covered some amount of ground too……… especially cycling in that heat.

    We’re spending our next holiday here in Scotland……. so much still to explore here.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful….I love the perspective and the glowing colors! Glad you had a good time, but 55 miles – wow! Not sure if I could walk after that lol I just got back from the Oregon coast and it was truly amazing…I can’t believe summer is about gone!

  4. It sounds like you had a great time! Gorgeous photo– I love how it glows, and I adore ‘vintage looking’ things! My summer has been wet and humid… 😀

  5. Wow! That was quite an adventure you had. And what a beautiful image to help me dream the warm summer days. Our summer has been mostly cold and wet.

    Welcome back Kala. 🙂

  6. your photos and processing always blow me away! sounds like an exhausting experience – guess I need to stop whining about how sore I feel from painting the living room, lol.

  7. Oh my goodness, I sure hope you are going to get some time to rest now Kala! That sounds like quite a rigorous journey.
    I love this photograph! such a beautiful composition and wonderful softness.
    Welcome back!! I have missed you here!

  8. WOW… you’ve been busy… I admire your energy and willingness to rough it camping… I do love traveling but not camping any more… like my creature comforts too much!

    This is a WONDERFUL image… perfectly composed and lovely light!

  9. A lovely photograph, but I’m surprised that you used that instrument of what sounded like torture. But I jest…hope that you had a nice holiday – and rest on your arrival home!

  10. Beautiful romantic feel to this capture!!! Sounds like you’ve had a summer full of excitement and exercise! Fun. Living on a lake, ours runs to kayaking, and watching great sunsets from the dock. We save our vacation time for later in the year when we want to escape winter!

  11. It sounds like you’ve had a very adventurous holiday. The muscles in your legs must be real strong! Bet you took a lot of photos too. Your photo looks so romantic and peaceful. Wonderful color and light.

  12. Yay Kala…magical…..this is romantic and nostalgic…love it..very dreamy too..a beautiful scene to the beginning of a story!! You rock!
    Love all that you create!
    Hope you are enjoying your summer and having a fab time!

  13. wow, i am tired just hearing of so much excercise. Good for you. I just love this picture of the bicycle. YOu do such beautiful work, I always enjoy visiting your site. My summer is great too by the way, thanks for asking. sounds like you are enjoying yours.

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