Classic Schwinn

L on B Worth a click!


153 thoughts on “Classic Schwinn

  1. I was thinking about your blog yesterday, Kala, and felt sorry that I hadn’t visited recently. So glad you stopped by. Love your bicycle photos. They are unique and would make wonderful prints. Hope you are well. πŸ™‚

  2. I love this series! The bike lock is just perfect and provide absolute balance. The colors are eye catching as well. A classic Kala!

  3. Kala, 130 miles in 9 days–what a nice bike trip–hope you had fun. Love your bike shots. You’ve inspired me to dust my bike off (not a Schwinn–Wal Mart, I think) and go for a ride. I used to enjoy riding, but have gotten out of the habit. Have a great week. Mickie πŸ™‚

  4. I’m a fan of cycling .. in the street, in the countryside, they are always to be photographed .. and in you: it is just as magical …;-)
    thank you for your visits .;;-)

  5. Those light-weight multi-speed racers are really nice. Most of my bicycling memories come from those old balloon-tired, one-speed monsters that weigh half as much as a tractor. I remember my first ride on a 10-speed after those.
    It was an entirely different experience. Good luck on your riding!

  6. This photo made me smile. Partly because it’s fun, but also because it so embodies the name of the company which used to make an awful lot of the world’s bicycles; Atlas Steel Tube Industries – known to us in England simply as ‘Tube Industries’.

  7. I like the parallel lines in the picture, confusing at first but together with the parked bike, they suggest stability in your composition. Nice one, again.

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