Candy Everybody Wants

I know I want some taffy nougat


140 thoughts on “Candy Everybody Wants

  1. I was going to comment on this photo and then the previous post caught my eye – that is splendid, exquisite, and a photo that I look and say to myself “damn, wish I would have taken that”. nuff said.

  2. It looksvery delicious to eat each of them. There are large quantities of each candy. It would take a lot of time to buy. They are very colorful and nice shot!
    I want to eat some of them.

  3. I love nougat. Haven’t eaten them for ages. I thought I came by recently but didn’t see the bench. Anyway, I took a few photos of benches today and many other things. Thank you for your comment. I learn something new again from it.

  4. There is nothing like a kid in a candy shop Kala…. your dentist must be happy with your choice of taffy nougat….i like the focus on the box and closer jars… fading away to the depth. πŸ™‚
    BTW….i lost a bottom tooth last week eating corn on the cob…. my dentist want to remove 3 more teeth and put a bridge over to my eye teeth to the tune of about $6,0000 😦 ….peter:)

  5. this is a lovely photo and the colour of the sweets is perfect. Normally people would shoot bright blue, green and red sweets so these pastel shades are a pleasant change.

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