Towards or From It


140 thoughts on “Towards or From It

  1. Interesting composition you’ve captured. And the woman’s dress stands out nicely in the shallow DoF you’ve created here. The fenceline helps add nice depth to this compo as well.

  2. There it is again…that special handling of ‘focus’ that you have. Love the touch of clarity on the line of fence in the front of the frame…and the rest of the story blurred, but very ‘there.’ This makes this look like a very special moment !! 🙂

  3. I love this shot! The people walking past probably feel that they were the focus of your shot. Instead they are the backdrop to the real beauty of the picturesque fence! Great composition Kala!

  4. An intriguing composition… the people on the right nicely balance the whole! And to my eye, the awning in the upper right nicely balances the fence on the lower left… all-in-all… very nice!

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