Night Watch

Awesome Here!!

100mm macro shot at f/4.5


200 thoughts on “Night Watch

  1. Really beautiful Kala. great that you captured him in mid flight with wings out. bet you took 20 photos as he zoomed by. worth your effort. the yellow!

  2. Brilliant capture! I’ve been in such a photography funk lately that I really need some inspiration to get out and photograph. Maybe I’ll try and photograph some birds during sunset… hmmmm… Lol

  3. I had to look twice before seeing the bird! Like a lot of others, I was captivated by the colors and effect of the branches against the sky. Your latest two postings are perfect seasonal pics. I need to get out more with my camera. I haven’t spent much time with it lately. 😦 Have a good week Kala!

  4. Truly stunning… wonderful composition and the lighting and colors are just marvelous… and the bird is a REALLY nice addition! Wonderful timing to get him in the shot… 🙂

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