All the longings of my soul begin in Autumn.

100mm macro shot at f/2.8

Much better here.


200 thoughts on “All the longings of my soul begin in Autumn.

  1. Oh dear…I’m now longing for Fall. First, I need to get out of the country. Alternatively, I can linger around with your photo in my view…

  2. Hi there – Just think, if it’s autumn with you, its spring with us! So it’s still spring, and summer is around the corner and there is no need for the soul to long for anything.

    We don’t get to choose the time we live in, but we do get to choose how we use the time we are given!

    Stewart M – Australia

  3. I love the fall colors..I just wish they stuck around longer…I wanted to let you know that there will always be a population of monarchs in the southern US but the migration up north every year is in trouble…Michelle

  4. Delicious composition with beautiful light of autumn, I like those trees with a variety of tones, a result simply exquisite. The environment we can get very autumnal melancholy.

  5. Fall is here for sure. The colors will deepen and then give way to the monochrome of winter. For me there will be no snow, just week after week of fog and gray sky.

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