Birch Path in Autumn

I know I always say this, but:

Best Here!!


223 thoughts on “Birch Path in Autumn

  1. Gorgeous and serene Kala! AWesomeness as always! I am such a these photos always tug at my soul! and wow..the post below “undaunted”….wickedly beautiful! Totally my vibe!
    It’d be fun to go on a photo-excursion with you..we are kindreds!
    magical photos as always..I love visiting you!
    happy week and wkd ahead!

  2. This is GORGEOUS… did you post this one last year around this time, cuz it looks very familiar! I love it… so incredibly inviting, I just want to jump into the computer & walk the path… what’s around the corner? =)

    • Thanks Tricia. I posted a similar image last year around this time. But this photo was taken this year. There are now grasses along the path that weren’t as evident in 2010.

  3. yes, dream-like and very inviting. you capture color and brightness so beautifully. and I never, ever would have thought you lived in Illinois!!! how cool is that? perhaps we live not that far from each other! happy week to you Kala.

  4. Those autumn colors are stunning – this is one of the best (of the many!) autumn images, I have seen for a long time, Kala! And I like the detail with the contrasting blue from the river.

  5. Amazing shot! Definitely one of my favorites from you in the short time I’ve been following this blog. Lovely colors and the path through them really draws you in.

    Keep it up!

  6. I cannot believe the number of people who have viewed and commented on this beautiful shot. You are so talented. I want to be walking there right now. Kudos. genie

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