la forêt de lumières

L on B


246 thoughts on “la forêt de lumières

  1. yes, it looks like an impressionist painting alright. I just paid a visit to our art museum where there’s an exhibition of Impressionism – drawings and pastels of Mary Cassatt, Manet, Toulouse Latrec, Monet, and more. I was impressed with the size of it, so many fine examples of the style. your photo here rivals them, truly. it’s art at its finest. happy weekend to you Kala.

  2. Where is it geographically? I’ve never seen such beautiful trees. At first I thought you did something to the branches so they look that long. It looks like a Monet painting. It also reminds me of some colored cottons put together.
    The thing that is not clear to me is the time of the day. The color of the air looks that vanilla-like that usually happens before the sunset, but the sky is not the sunset sky.
    It must have been beautiful taking a walk there.

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