oh, burn



220 thoughts on “oh, burn

  1. oh it’s so moody, I love it. just yesterday I was trying to capture a similar scene but don’t think I did it justice as you’ve done here. it’s a bit like solid magic.

  2. I really like the branches and the sky light. It’s a bit too much red to my taste in the bottom of the picture, but all tastes are different.
    I love when people experiment with photos anyway. I’m now on the stage when I simply can’t upload a photo without at least minimum processing.
    Can you imagine just a few generations ago people couldn’t dream about all those tools we now use these days.

  3. Wow, the colors in your Autumn burn shot are amazing!
    Your shots are gorgeous!!!!!

    Thank You so Much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet sweet compliments, especially of the bracelet shot (the first one)! I truly appreciate it!

  4. What you do so very well is to take what would be a nice nature scene and really show people and frankly inspire people to get out and really look at nature..I was all about insects this summer and taking photos. I also collected monarch butterfly eggs, raised them and released them which was a great experience…I am just starting to appreciate the little things in nature..Michelle

  5. Je te souhaite, à toi et à tes proches, beaucoup de bonheur.
    Pas forcément de grandes choses, juste l’essentiel pour vibrer, pour vivre pleinement le quotidien en 2012. Prendre le temps de faire les choses même si il nous manque parfois… de faire de notre passion photographique de belles histoires. Amicalement, Olivier.

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