Enjoying the day.

L on B

100mm macro shot at f/2.8

That’s my mom on the bench. :0)


198 thoughts on “Enjoying the day.

  1. Yay Kala!! I know i have said it before…but your photos look like paintings..just exquisitely beautiful! and how cool your mom is in there..yay! Hi Kala’s mom!
    Breathtaking imagery!!

    Wishing you a fabulous week my friend..you are so super talented!

  2. I really like the flowing branches of the trees and the wonderful reflection. Your mother looks like she might be a grand monarch seated in her court.
    Very fanciful and nicely done in your very own style.

  3. I’ll bet your mom is happy sitting on the bench in that glorious park. It’s such a beautiful place and such a beautiful day. I just love those reflections off the surface of the water. Spectacular work!

  4. Wow again..I just went to read the section about you. I have a Canon 450D and I have not used it to its full potential at all. I used to know about all the terms years ago and then I stopped taking photos until we moved to our present house. I need to learn about the camera and about Photo Shop which I have and don’t use…it’s time….I have the long winter to do it…Michelle

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