Red Tree

100mm macro shot wide open


212 thoughts on “Red Tree

  1. Fabulous capture of all the colour that nature had to offer you that day Kala… it makes me want to walk right into your picture just to have a look at what is over the hill….peter:)

  2. Kala…this piece is like a powerful poem…….and it touches my heart! I am having an emotional reaction to it..stunning..beautiful..spiritual…..very moving! This is my fave now! I feel pulled into it immediately like a meditation…
    Outstanding work of art!!

  3. I had just opened your page last evening when I got a call from my high school chum. our conversation went on well into the night and all that while this photograph was in front of me while I sat, conversed, and looked. it was sort of like having it on my wall in front of my desk, where I could look up and always see it.
    this is one of those photographs that has perfection in everything about it. I like one of the first comments – “like a tree served up on a plate of road”. it’s very open and inviting, and a road I’d like to take. and THAT is what makes this an excellent photograph. happy day to you.

  4. I haven’t commented in a while, but I love stopping by — your photos provide a lovely pause for meditation. It is fantastic to see your art flourishing!

  5. Kala! This is GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS! I love it!

    I also wanted to tell you THANK YOU for always stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet compliments, I know this is WAY OVERDUE, but I have not forgotten your kind words!!!


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