Let your light shine.


198 thoughts on “Let your light shine.

  1. Prześliczne zdjęcie. Gdyby cała jesień była w takich pięknych barwach, to była by to lubiana przeze mnie pora roku . Dziękuję, że odwiedziłaś moje skromne progi. Pozdrawiam

  2. We should all let our lights shine a little more..lovely for this gray morning.. thank you for the complement on my moon and bird photo…it was a lucky shot…but one of my favorite all time photos…

  3. I absolutely love this Kala!
    The colors are wonderful, but that little bridge in the background makes it truly so special. As always, your work is amazing!

  4. I SO wish it looked like that here. Sadly, it’s been mostly snow covered since the end of October. Your photo made me wish for fall until I realized “technically” it still is! 😦
    I’d love to stroll across that bridge. Very enchanting Kala.

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