That Was Autumn

This image was taken three months ago. Today it is bitterly cold and the ground covered with snow.

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200 thoughts on “That Was Autumn

  1. i love the depth of field you used, it really allows the color of the leaves in the background to compliment the foreground leaves and become the subject, “the color of autum” lovely photo

  2. Jesień jet piękna, bo ma kolorowe liście, zimy nie lubię bo jest zimno. Chciałbym żeby były u nas tylko dwie pory roku – wiosna, lato.:-). Twoje jesienne zdjęcie jest śliczne. Dziękuję za miłe odwiedziny i cieszę się, że czymś zaskoczyłam. Pozdrawiam. *** Jet beauty of Autumn, I have a colored leaves, I do not like winter because it is cold. I want to be with us only two seasons – spring, summer .:-). Your autumn pictures are beautiful. Thank you for the nice visit and I’m glad that something was surprised. Yours.

  3. The falling leaves drift by the window. The autumn leaves of red and gold,,,,,,,,

    I remembered the lyrics of Autumn leaves.

    Your photo is very beautiful and I feel nostalgic.

  4. Kala, every time I visit your site I am taken back with your photography. I love this picture. the depth of field makes a really ordinary (yet,pretty) scene and turns it into a great picture that draws you in. the colors are awesome.

  5. This could be ordinary, yet your unique style makes it not ordinary at all. The angle of view allows the viewer to feel they are in the scene. The presence of the leaves emotes Fall, just past all the times of summertime picnics. Very nice.

  6. Scrolling down the page… this jumped out at me… I like the repetition of the bench and table in the background turned 90° relative to the foreground position… the lines, colors and composition are all great!

  7. I don’t know how i missed this one Kala… i love your Autumn scene… it took two minutes to scroll down to comment… i am sitting in tha Airport in Toronto and sinal strength is not all that great lol….peter:)

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