A View To A Bridge



202 thoughts on “A View To A Bridge

  1. Hi Kala! Sorry I haven’t been over in a while ~ I’ve been using all my computer time on Pinterest lately. I need to stop tho so I won’t miss your gorgeous photos! I love seeing the blooms in the last few posts. It won’t be long until you’ll be snapping those outside again. They are all beautiful as always.

  2. Twoje zdjęcia są takie inne, niesamowite i podobają mi się, tak jak i to, które pokazujesz . Pozdrawiam. *** Your photos are so different, amazing and I like, like that which you show. Yours.

  3. Nice shot of beautiful flowers and a bridge. BTW,I like Contract Bridge very much.
    I went to 3 day trip in Okinawa for castle looking tour. I will upload in my blog one or two days after.

  4. What an awesome shot…love the blur and the colors. It is a heavenly capture. Thanks for your visits to my blog and your encouraging comments. I so appreciate them. genie

  5. Beautiful depth of field and the lighting is perfect!
    I think I recognize this bridge from a previous post or at least I think it’s the same bridge but from a different angle. 🙂

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