Back to Spring

It will be here soon!


236 thoughts on “Back to Spring

  1. Yes, Kala, you’re right, but I hope not too soon! We just finally got winter here in the Netherlands last week. I’d love to see it stay a bit longer. The ice skaters have been waiting for it for a long time. 🙂

  2. I love the colors in this image. Have you used any preset to achieve the effect? The image makes me look forward spring, to see flowers and colors again, with no snow this year, everything is just so brown…

  3. Yes, we have Japanese Magnolias in full bloom already. It’s preposterous, but beautiful. I love the separation of visual planes in your image today, and the softness of tones.

  4. It’s been fairly warm here the past couple of days and my thoughts are turning to Spring. However, I was able, today, to finally get the tree guys in here to clean up the ice storm damage of a couple of weeks ago. At any rate, today’s photo is lovely.

  5. Beautiful capture of these magnolia trees with great detail of those close up and a good choice for DoF for those in the distance. My daffodils and tulips are already starting to break ground and it’s only February.

  6. You’re the second person this morning I’ve seen with spring blossoms, Kala! And here I am finally enjoying our first snow of one week! 🙂 But yes, you’re right: spring is right around the corner and I’m sure I’ll be ready for it once it comes. By Sunday our temps will apparently be above freezing again.

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