Buyers Everywhere

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164 thoughts on “Buyers Everywhere

  1. Patrząc na zdjęcie w Twoim stylu wiadomo, że pierwszy jest kalkulator. Wymowne i pomysłowe zdjęcie. Pozdrawiam. *** Looking at the picture in your style, it is known that the first is a calculator. Eloquent and imaginative picture. Yours.

  2. I see, you speak polish? (1st comment…)
    Nice kind of presentation art. In germany it will be stolen by the first 5 mins..

    Nice weekend to you:-)

  3. What a beautiful impression of the Mac shoppers going after their favorite goods. That’s the only brand of computer, phone, tablet, etc. for me.

  4. Great find Kala… do they also grow on threes where you live… good selective focus…peter:)

  5. A great capture with a good PoV showing the “busy-ness” of the customers in the store. Reminds me of what I inevitably will need to buy pretty soon. 🙂

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