With ribbons frayed and undone.


224 thoughts on “With ribbons frayed and undone.

  1. Kala..I am running out of words to describe how spectacular your images are..truly outsanding….BLISSFUL and BEAUTIFUL!
    HUgs you are wickedly amazing!

  2. Kala, you know what I like about your blog? You choose just the write (pun intended) words to share the feeling of your photo. Ribbons unfrayed…I FEEL it.

  3. Realy a great composition and very pleasant to look at this flower Kala!!!
    It’s allmost a highkey shot…
    Have a nice weekend 😉

  4. Would you consider expanding the number of options available for commenters on your blog? I do not have WordPRess account, and hate to use Facebook or Twitter accounts to comment. I am sure there are few more people like me, who simply do not leave a comment because they have no good option to do that… And you moderate comments anyway, so why not let people just use name/web site/e-mail?

    • WordPress made some changes that I cannot control. A lot of commenter’s sign in using their name, e-mail address, and blog URL which isn’t a WordPress blog. I have removed the necessity to enter your e-mail address, so maybe that will help.

  5. Des détails de toute beauté…
    La fleur du premier plan est isolée et ses détails sont sublimés.
    On dirait presque un effet de miroir pour ces deux fleurs. C’est très beau !

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