Photography Archive

Magnolias bright and dark. 05.27.12


27 thoughts on “Photography Archive

  1. Beautiful work, Kala!

    Amazing colors you produce in these closeups. Motives are always clear, simple and focused – just to my liking 🙂

    Thanks for a great show of the wonders of nature!


  2. Hi Kala,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment on one of my posts.
    I must say, I like your website and most of all your photos.
    I need to ask you something, do I have your permission to put your link to my blog website? Well, let me know ok.
    Take care,
    Rendy Loudewijk

  3. Your images are beautiful and show a consistent style and mood. I like your website. I’ve been messing around with a WordPress theme called Minimatica which is minimalistic and utilizes a home page “slider.” Site’s like your, with clear navigation and a cool style make me wonder if I want to change my theme! Great site.

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