About Kala

From a recent Q and A interview on Flickr:

1 Tell us a little about yourself
I’m a fairly private person. I enjoy gardening, reading, hiking in the woods, and spending time with family.

2: Equipment you use?
I currently shoot with a Canon 450d and use two lenses. One is a 100mm f/2.8 Macro and the other a 50mm 1/.4. I like my primes.

3 Who or what inspires you?
Who inspires me? There are many wonderful photographers on photography sites throughout the Internet. When I have free time, I may spend hours viewing images where I get ideas for subject matter. What inspires me? Nature, first and foremost. Although I do enjoy using the macro lens around my home to explore the extraordinary detail of everyday things, it’s to parks, gardens, and nature preserves that I always return.

4: Preferred subject matter?

Landscapes and nature macros – although recently I’ve begun experimenting with different perspectives on what some would describe as mundane subject matter. For example: bicycles and fences.

5: Name one thing you haven’t caught with the camera that you REALLY want to capture
Some of the night shots I’ve seen with festive, colorful bokeh lights I find very appealing.

6: If you weren’t a photographer would you have another artistic pursuit? If so what?
I’m passionate about music, but unfortunately am almost tone deaf, so singing in the shower is really my only option!

7: Do you have any advice for someone just starting their photography journey?
Learn the basics first: exposure, composition, and depth of field. Take classes, read your camera manual. Don’t be afraid of developing your own style and remember not everyone is going to like it.

8: Plans for the future?
Well besides finding new and different ways of looking at the world through my lenses, I started a photography blog as a fun little way of sharing my photography. To date, A Matter Of How You See It has received over 300,000 views and almost 20,000 comments. As a result, I’ve had a number of inquiries about purchasing my work, so I recently set up a website at A Matter Of How You See It Photography.

9: In one word, describe your photography.