Wishful Thinking

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1) I have uploaded over 1,000 new images onto the new hard drive since it was installed last Friday.
2) Yesterday we installed Photoshop CS5 on my machine because CS3 would not work in Windows 7 on my computer (I know it works for some people). So I’ve gone from using Elements to CS3 to CS5 in what, less than 2 weeks time?
3) I have a splitting headache and all I can see are imperfections.

L on W

For C.R.

Well, for some reason, this surreal image of tulips blooming under a budding crab apple tree did not get recorded onto my computer when I transferred the files from yesterday’s photo shoot. And before I realized what happened, I had already “deleted” the RAW image from my memory card. Thankfully, with the help of my dear friend C.R., I was able to restore about 50 images that would otherwise have been lost. This is one of them.

If you’ve a moment, please view large.